Who knows what uni leaders are paid

The chancellors’ council has a voluntary remuneration code

The University Chancellors Council’s conference on university governance is on next week, including a session on “emerging governance changes.”

Which might be the place for an update on the VC and Senior Staff Remuneration Code. The council approved it last year, to provide, “government and society assurance on appropriate, transparent and competitive remuneration of VC and senior university staff.”

“It is recognised that transparency is an important part of good practice remuneration ensuring that decision bodies, processes and outcomes are openly explained and presented to all stakeholders,” the code states.

In announcing the code last year the UCC stated, “it will use an annual benchmarking review to compare the spread of remuneration across the sector. UCC will consider other statements of intent or principle such as the relativity between the median salary for a university and that of its vice chancellor and senior staff.”