Who collects from the MRFF

The NMHRC has long had an old bloke problem – they win lots of grants – so what’s happening at the Medical Research Future Fund?

The Fund’s 2021-22 report reveals a paunch of chief investigators who are on the far-side of 50. Some 869 (38 per cent) chief investigators over 50-59 won grants, so did 438 of the 60-69 year olds (35.6 per cent) and 58 of the 70 plus CIs (30.4 per cent).

But the per centage spread, is pretty much in-line with the other age groups, 40-49 is the largest and most successful; 1106 Cis (38 per cent).

With way more senior men (fewer career breaks for families) the gender split is pronounced – with 564 male lead applicants (Chief Investigator A) and 457 women. But the success rate is 31 per cent women and 27 per cent men.

However CIA men win more grants, and money, in all MRFF Themes – except research translation, where women picked up 57 per cent of the grants and 55 per cent of the funds.