Where to file new research

The ANZ research agencies’ review (CMM March 25 and June 12) of fields of research codes proposes a bunch of changes, to update for the state of scholarship and create space for new disciplines

The big one is new codes for Indigenous research “as a unique knowledge domain,” classifying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Māori and Pacific Peoples researchFollowing submissions, the agencies now present two practical options;

* move subordinate six-digit fields of research codes to four-digit discipline codes, with addition discipline descriptors at both levels

*  create a new two-digit research division. Research agencies say this would provide, “increasing visibility for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Māori and Pacific Peoples’ research for government reporting activities as well as recognising Indigenous research as using a unique methodology and knowledge system.”

A new division would include four-digit codes comparable with other research classifications and “much wide range” of six-digit fields.

There are also a bunch of discipline-update proposals: The review has changes in all research divisions, with significant numbers of new fields and relocations of existing ones in environmental sciences, biological sciences, ICT, technology, health sciences, human society and law.

A push by members of the education analysis community (CMM May 28) looks like it may be successful, with the review proposing a new code, 13043, for data analytics.


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