Where the new Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards are

Some 200 early career researchers share $84m in ARC funding – they are just 17 per cent of those that applied

The big six account for 126 of the Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards, with the two Group of Eight outliers bringing the Go8’s total share to 67 per cent. The split by institution is; Uni Melbourne 24, Uni Sydney 24, UNSW 22, Uni Queensland 21, ANU 18, Monash U 17, Uni Adelaide four, UWA four.

Other universities with more than five or more awards are; UTS seven, James Cook U six, QUT six,  Uni Wollongong six, Deakin U five and Western Sydney U five.

Projects that intrigue CMM include, (it’s a field limited by his not having a clue what many of them are about).

Wei Lin (UTS): antennae technology for battery free internet of things

Yanjun Zhou (Uni Southern Queensland): origins of exo-planets in our galaxy

Aaron McFadyen (QUT): drones for urban transport

Hilary Howes (ANU): 19th century Russian collections of ANZ and Pacific Indigenous human remains

Mingkal Jiang (WSU): eucalypt response to climate change

Yevgeny Stadnik (Uni Sydney): new tools to search for dark matter

Sarah Clement (UWA): governance in bushfire management

Anna Hogan: (Uni Queensland): philanthropy in public schooling

Linda Armbrecht:(Uni Adelaide): ancient DNA to uncover climate change in Antarctica

Erin O’Brien (QUT): ethical consumerism to combat modern slavery

Qing Wu (CQU): supercomputing to assess rail-track safety