What’s to be done for the lecture

Ryu Takechi (Curtin U neuroscientist) tweets a photo of an empty classroom and comments, “five minutes past the start tine and no one showed up … it is just sad how this country’s tertiary education is not viable in its current form.”

Dr Takechi is not alone (CMM May 18) here and probably in the USA, from where (thanks to a learned reader), Jenay Robert (Educause) reports surveys of undergraduates on how they want to learn, taken just prior to the pandemic, in March 2020, and this year. “Completely face to face” was 35 per cent then, now it is 29 per cent. “Completely on-line” was 5 per cent then and is 20 per cent now.

Who knows what is to be done, but Kelly Matthews (Uni Queensland) has an idea on how to start, with a national conversation – she sets what needs discussing, in CMM’s Expert Opinion (ep 14, HERE.)