What’s not to like about working from home

Ways for professional staff to work without coming to campus  is in National Tertiary Education Union logs of claims for enterprise agreements

Managements who want staff  back in the office may take comfort in a new Fair Work Commission ruling.

In an unfair dismissal case at Uni Tasmania Monday Deputy President Bell remarked

“The fact that there has been a period – often extended significantly for many people – where work has been undertaken at home does not dictate a conclusion that work can continue to  be  undertaken  wholly,  or  even  substantially,  remotely.”

The deputy president said the case made for, “a permanent  fully-remote  arrangement  tended  to  adopt  a  task-based  analysis.

“However, the performance of particular tasks is only one aspect. … There are less tangible benefits of having people working physically together, particularly “the interactions and the engagements that occur”. The importance of these interactions – also often a facet of teamwork – should not be  underestimated.”