What works wherever for UNSW

A 2020 survey found 3 per cent of staff want to work on campus full time – they are going to have room in the office to spread out their stuff (CMM July 22 2020)

Management appears to have got the message, with a flex work policy proposal circulating that would allow continuing and fixed term staff to work wherever suits.

The prop includes get-outs and caveats to keep managers happy, “the importance of in-person connection,” and “productivity and outcomes” define performance, but overall it’s a pandemic policy, for people who have got used to working from home.

“Staff may choose to work from home or in an alternative work location outside the office that is both safe and productive. … A hybrid model may combine the best aspects of remote work with the benefits of coming to campus for collaboration, team-building, and non-remote tasks.”

It may indeed. Researchers from Swinburne U’s Centre of the New Workforce find that everybody they asked who has worked from home wants flex-work, (in and out of the office).

The UNSW prop is out for consultation until Friday.