What to teach next: the big new skills markets  

The feds are using big data and machine learning to explore where jobs-growth will be

A new report uses data scraping by Burning Glass Technology (CMM is a big (April 24), big, (July 13 2018) fan).

The next step is to develop models on where the jobs will be, including “a tertiary provider prototype that uses data about emerging skills to improve course design.”

Overall employment is projected to increase from 11.975m last year to 12.836m in 2023 and only the automotive sector will employ (just a few) fewer people. But some industries will grow faster, much faster than others.

Five smallest job generators: minex, net change of 701 new jobs. Legal and insurance, 2553. Admin, 2906. Manufacturing, 4907. Electrical and electronics, 5108.

Five biggest employment creators: ICT, net change of 56 000 extra jobs. Education and training, 64 000. Construction, architecture and design, 68 000. Hospitality, food tourism, 111 000. Health and community services, 256 000.


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