What nursing education needs next

Steven Schwartz has delivered his review

The thrice former VC (Murdoch, Brunel, Macquarie) presents a comprehensive review of nursing education  perhaps because it is the first for nearly 20 years, perhaps because that’s the sort of bloke he is.  CMM suspects it is also probably the first Australian professional education review to quote Walt Whitman, poet (and American Civil War military hospital) carer.

Notable recommendations for the nursing education community include;

* all candidates for nurse registration undergo “independent assessment” of literacy and numeracy

* the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council to “make accreditation and monitoring reports public” with a database of accredited courses

* “Department of Education should review the costs and funding of undergraduate nursing education to ensure it is adequate to provide high-quality theoretical and clinical education.”

* “increase the minimum number of placement hours” for nursing bachelor courses

* “explore” extending degrees for registered nurses to four years

* attract “under-represented groups” to nursing, with particular programmes to attract Indigenous students

* determine “the ideal mix of on-line and face to face teaching


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