What Monash U plans to do

There’s a bunch of detail about the impacts Monash U wants to make in its 2030 strategic plan – but no numbers that measure them

The “challenges of the age” Monash U will address are, climate change, geopolitical security and helping with “imagining and creating better futures for all.”

Ways to do it include:

* education: student retention “and success” and graduate employability

* research: field-weighted citation impact and internationally-recognised systems of peer review (CMM thinks the latter means ranking)

* international engagement: staff-student diversification and mobility

* access and success of socio-economically disadvantaged groups; and “access, success and employment” of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.”

Plus operational goals deep in the detail

* student participation in industry, including start-up creations; and industry research and education revenue

And goals for staff

* “teams that span internal and external organisational boundaries”

* “alignment of recognition and reward policies and practices to support collaboration and inclusivity”

* “new structures to support cross-campus action, large multi-party programmes and projects, and major infrastructure or system changes”

To pay for it

* an operating surplus, “sufficient to ensure the quality of education, research and services”

* diversifying revenue to reduce dependence on government research funding

* “increasing the range of nations and teaching modes from which education income is derived”

So how will people know how things are going?
They won’t, as is the way of university strategic plans, there are no numbers to measure achievements