What ANU wants to do

By 2025 the university “will create at least one major transformational societal outcome that has its origins in our academic work”

The ambitious, albeit unquantified aspiration is in the new strategy announced yesterday.

Other objectives include,

* “be the nation’s preferred university for students, offering an outstanding campus life and residential experience in the heart of the national capital”

* “be the leading Australian research-intensive university measured by recruitment and support of students from Indigenous, rural and low-SES backgrounds”

* be recognised for support and opportunities provided to early and mid-career academic staff

* “pioneer a new approach to engineering and technology design, development,

adoption and regulation that combines technological, human and ecological

systems for a better world”

* “challenge and encourage students to explore their potential in a safe, welcoming community enriched by unique academic, social and cultural opportunities”

As to how these and many other objectives will be achieved, “this document will be supported by capabilities, structures, and operational and thematic plans”

The new strategy appears largely in-line with VC Brian Schmidt’s 2016 ten-year plan (CMM August 2 2016).