What about UWAM?

Speculations about uni mergers are a perennial in Perth – there’s a new set starting

WA Chief Scientist Peter Klinken has suggested the west’s four public universities merge into the one state system, which has not impressed any of their managements (CMM September 20, 21).

But it has got people talking, specifically about combining UWA and Murdoch U. It’s the sort of idea that comes up in uncertain times – of which there have been a few at Murdoch U, what with reviews and restructures in recent years.

As for UWA, Murdoch U has things it could covet, including pockets of research strength for example, the Australian National Phenome Centre. MU also has a vet school, which UWA is the only one of the five original sandstones to lack. And there is land, lots of desirable for development land, that MU has planned for in the past, but never got around to (CMM March 24 2015).

There’s also an absence that could help – no permanent vice chancellor at Murdoch U.

Jane den Hollander has just been appointed interim VC while the university searches for a permanent successor to Eeva Leinonen.  Having now tried to retire twice it is unlikely that Professor den Hollander would want another permanent job. But having acted as VC of UWA last year and successfully run Deakin U for nine years she would be a great advisor for MU chancellor Gary Smith if there was anything talk to UWA about.

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