What a difference a day makes at Monash U Caulfield

The Monash University Student Union there has changed its mind on how many hours elected positions take

Yesterday MONSU wanted to impose a minimum 22-hour work requirement on the important elected positions – this being two hours more than international student visas permit.

But at 6pm last night MONSU announced that after discussions with university management, the election is cancelled, “due to unforeseen circumstances.”

“We have recognised the information regarding a minimum workload of 22 hours was unclear. The increase of the weekly time commitment was never designed to make any student in-eligible, instead it was in recognition that being a member of MONSU Caulfield is a considerable weekly commitment.”

Yes, there will be a new poll, before which, “the minimum weekly workload will be made clear to ensure all students (international and domestic) are eligible to run.”


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