Ways to go on international arrivals

New ABS data reveals student numbers are still way lower than pre-pandemic

The Bureau of Statistic has released international arrival numbers for the first four months (April numbers are provisional).

YTD arrivals on temporary student visas are 127 000. The comparable figure for 209 was 390 800.

And most of those who arrive won’t stay forever

New research from the Grattan Institute reports that the share of international students who move to permanent residency over time is one in five. It’s in a comprehensive report by Will Mackey, Brendan Coates, and Henry Sherrell.

A welcome in WA

There were weeks a while back when the WA Government kept changing its mind about allowing international students into the state, despite the Commonwealth letting them into the country (CMM February 2, 17).

But now the government wants to welcome more of them. There’s a “massive $42.5m boost” in the state budget to fund projects including, “a pipeline” of future onshore international students, “reengagement” with international education agents and “financial support to assist the sector to recover.”  Plus there is $2.4m for international students who go move to regions with skill shortages.

This all appears separate to the $16m in pandemic support for international students and providers announced in February (CMM February 14).