Ways to get skills where they are needed

New qualitative research from the estimable National Centre for Vocational Education Research point to problems in delivering training in regional areas – some are not easily fixed

Tabatha Griffin and Upekha Andrahannadi set out complex issues and propose solutions, including,

what employers want: “skills (not necessarily full qualifications) that are up-to-date and provided in ways convenient to the business”

what’s the problem: lack of trainers and big training programmes, absence of higher level skills/qualifications programmes

what to do: “a greater understanding of how training should be delivered in the local context, devolve funding decisions, coordinate supply and demand from employers for training

but, and it is quite a big but: “Some of the barriers to workforce development and training in regional, rural and remote Australia do not fall under the responsibility of the training sector.  Issues such as lack of housing/accommodation; community problems (safety); technology/connectivity limitations; and limited job opportunities need to be tackled more broadly.”