Ways to catch-up in emerging digital tech

Australia is falling behind in researching emerging digital tech, the learned academies of Science and Technology & Engineering warn – but they have arresting ideas

They suggesting keeping up with the likes of the US, UK, France and Canada requires, “a vision for innovation and research in areas of national strength and strategic priority—one that is matched by a globally competitive level of commitment and investment.”

Which should not bother whoever’s turn it is to be minister for industry, science and technology. A few words some dot points on funding comparing Morrison and Barton government funding will do it, or it would except for achievables deep in the detail.

The academies call for including Emerging Digital Tech in the 2021 Research Infrastructure Roadmap.

And they want it promoted through DIST’s Innovation Connection’s business grants programme and included in the Modern Manufacturing Initiative.

There is also an excellent “if not, then why not” idea – a “dedicated stream” in the Cooperative Research Centre Projects scheme ($3m for three-year max projects to address a specific industry problems). Round Ten was exclusively for recycling.