Way of the day to improve ERA

The Australian Research Council is reviewing its two research metric schemes, Excellence for Research in Australia and Engagement & Impact

Time and scale work against creative arts in ERA, the Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools and the Australian Council of the Deans and Directors of Creative Arts, warn in their submission. In particular,

* some art-works take time to reach their full impact,” which makes ERA’s time-frames problematic

* institutions with resources can recruit high-ranked academic researchers

* assessment for peer-reviewed disciplines is more complex and time consuming than for those that are citation-driven

Overall, they warn the peer review process is a demonstrable failure for non-traditional research outputs.

Get the word out

The ARC plans to release submissions to the research metrics review after it is out, which seems a bit late for a debate. So, CMM will report and/or link to, as many submissions as it can – send them in people.


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