Watching brief: counter-intel campus oversight

The feds have less announced than quietly released the tasks for the steering group charged with over-sighting the creation of “guidelines to counter foreign-interference in the Australian university sector”

The university members are said to be (CMM Monday), Catriona Jackson (Unis Aus), Vicki Thomson (Go8) and VCs (Martin Bean (RMIT), John Dewar (La Trobe U) and Peter Hoj (Uni Queensland) and Alex Zelinsky (Uni Newcastle).

The four specific risks they are expected to receive expert advice on are:

cyber security: “a principles-based framework helping us to better manage and protect or networks, as well as detect and respond to cyber security incidents”

research and IP: “deter and detect deception, undue influence, unauthorised disclosure or disruption … while protecting academic freedom”

foreign collaboration: “nature and purpose of our collaboration with foreign entities will be transparent, undertaken with full knowledge and consent, and in a manner that avoids harm to Australia’s interest”

culture and comms: “a positive security culture through engagement with government and the broader community”


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