Waiting game on enterprise bargain at James Cook U

James Cook University has increased its enterprise bargaining offer with a further 2 per cent increase in 2021. However, the National Tertiary Education Union isn’t impressed, “it is hardly putting money into people’s pockets once you take price rises into account,” says Queensland state secretary Michael McNally. He adds management continues to ignore staff concerns on working conditions.

Management is confident that it is in touch with campus opinion, believing that if they can get people to vote the JCU community will back management’s offer. The university put its previous offer to staff in a union-opposed ballot in September, losing with just 42 per cent of a 54 per cent turn-out. At the time DVC Tricia Brand said there were still many staff “still on the fence” and rumour hath it management is keen to try a second vote. But not so, as DVC Ms Brand tells CMM, “the university has been waiting on further feedback from the bargaining group representatives, and no decision to proceed to any vote has occurred.” She adds that while the university also wants the two unions on campus to consult with members, “we wish to provide staff with clarity and certainty in relation to the enterprise agreement as soon as possible.”



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