Voc ed certified second-class

Craig Robertson has found a credit chasm between VET and higher education – he isn’t happy.

The TAFE Directors Australia chief has been reading the Australian Qualifications Framework  and noticed that it limits credit between courses. Mr Robertson is cross that credit applies for Certificates I-III and separately for diplomas to bachelors  Where he wonders is Cert IV, “but more importantly why the heck do we stop progression up the qualification ladder for those holding a Certificate III?”

“What are we telling the 2.2 million Australians with certificate qualifications? Their training doesn’t count if they want to embark on further learning? Our political leaders love to point to “the fair go” as the great Aussie ethos. But not for VET, it appears. What standing are we giving vocational education? Very little it seems.

An issue for the Noonan Review of the AQF.


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