Virus wrap: what unis are doing

Uni SA census date was yesterday

But the university is gracing people who haven’t made up their minds about off-campus study delaying financial liability day until May 1.

Uni Newcastle creates a breathing space for staff and students

Staff are already getting the Tuesday after Easter off and now Vice Chancellor Alex Zelinsky adds the rest of that week as special paid leave. The university will also be off the following week, which workers will have to use their holidays to cover. Only staff working on course content for on-line delivery and people in critical functions are on-duty for April 20-24. Staff with not enough accrued leave will get the time in advance.

Professor Zelinsky acknowledges not all staff will welcome the delay to the start of next semester but, “I hope most of you will see it as an opportunity to pause, rest and restore.”

Monash U is shutting down more but academics can go in and teach in empty rooms

VC Margaret Gardner has a detailed statement on what is open on campus, (not much) and who can be there (not many).  But academics who are not across teaching technology can still go to work. Essential on-campus services include, “academics to live stream or record lectures, or deliver other teaching activities that they cannot deliver from their home,” and related technical support.

All Uni Adelaide tutes are on-line and on Friday they will be the only option (when face to face classes stop)

However, the university will stay open, for researchers, essential service and students who can’t study remote.

ACU in NSW and Victoria open only for essential staff

Chief Operating Officer Stephen Weller advises portfolios are, DVC Education and International, Corporate Services, Campus Ministry and rostered academic and professional staff in faculties. People are the VC and office director, COO, incident convenors, associate VCs and campus deans.

Campuses are also open for, “students who cannot study at home.”