Victoria U’s people speak

And they have positive things to say about the uni

Victoria U wins the Voice Project award for “substantial positive change” from the Australian Higher Education Industrial Association. The Voice surveys staff opinion for managements at just about all Australian universities.

VU’s award reflects a substantial achievement there. Structural staff changes accompanying the introduction of the block-teaching model were opposed by the campus branch of the National Tertiary Education Union. The last enterprise bargaining round was bitterly contested. Last September just 23 per cent of staff voting backed an agreement proposed by management, which the union opposed. The university tried again in the new year and 33 per cent of the poll backed the offer (CMM February 20).

But VU has had a great run since then, particularly with the immensely well-regarded block teaching model, which it will roll out in all undergraduate years. Staff opinion of management must be positive, very positive.


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