Victoria U’s fair dinkum research plan

It’s admirable among universities in that includes measurable objectives

Vision is to be a global leader by 2028 in, “dual-sector learning and research,” focused on five areas, * health, sport, wellness, * First Nations knowledge * skills for advanced manufacturing and service * green research translation and *policy, advocacy and justice. Application of all is intended to line-up with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

and VU will know if it gets there: the plan sets specific goals to reach by ’28, including,

* publications up from 2.l6 per FTE research in 2021 to 3.24 in ’28

* published in “top 10 per cent journals”’: from 27 per cent to 35 per cent

* a band lift in the Times Higher WUR (from 401-500) to (301-350)

* 80 per cent of four-digit FOR research at “world standard or above” in whatever national assessment is used

* competitive grant funding doubles to $5m

* industry research income doubles to $28m

Modest indeed compared to the earnings of the great and powerful, but rich in moxie – hard numbers that managers can be measured by.