Victoria U plans to power-up

The block teaching model has rejuvenated Victoria U – now it wants to build on success

VU has a new strategy, through to 2028, which works with strengths that a decade ago were sometimes seem as weaknesses, dual-sector coverage and many first in-family post-secondary students.

VU wants to take its teaching transformation and applied research focus and use them to become “a world leading dual sector institution, providing distinctive, innovative and integrated education.

“We want to ensure that learning is matched to people’s lives. By this we mean accelerate when you want to, slow down if you need to, and balance your life and study” the strategy states.

Specifics include,

* cross-sector courses taught “in the same space and time” with “co-designed offerings, which cater to individual learning journeys”

* a VET research capacity aligned to industry needs, including in the west of Melbourne

* focus on five research areas, sport-fitness-health, First Nations knowledge, skills and workforce impact, Green research translation and advocacy/justice

*engaging with Indigenous communities, and;

* “making decisions with students, for students, and informed by students

There is also a goal that demonstrates the university is willing to be measured on really hard-to-reach external achievements. VU wants its block teaching model used in schools, “to create seamless pathways into tertiary education at VU.”

VC Adam Shoemaker, your time starts now.