Victoria U game to have an on-line go in India

The university announces “a suite of affordable, vocationally oriented” digital courses

VU nominates dips, associate and bachelor degrees in IT and business, with short courses to come.

It’s a partnership with AVENU Learning, “on a mission to expand access to high-quality, affordable on-line education, localized to the language of the learner,” which will deliver the courses. VU states that as per Australia’s Higher Education Standards Framework it is responsible for academic oversight, quality assurance, induction, and professional development for partner staff.

Courses start in July.

It’s all in-line with the dual-sector provider’s applied education approach at home and opens a new market for Australia – Indians studying at home on-line

“Earning an international degree on campus doesn’t work for everyone. We’ve adapted our award-winning courses to the 21st century, allowing you to earn a degree without all the costs that come with studying abroad,” is the pitch. (Although, students who complete an on-line dip and want to move into the second year of a bachelor degree can move to VU in Australia).

It’s a cluey move. As Peter Varghese’s 2018 report on trading with India suggested, while higher education on-line there can be a hard sell, the country was then the second largest market for e-learning, after the US.

“Traditional education suppliers will be forced to compete with low-cost online and virtual options, from both Indian and international players,” he predicted.

VU appears to be pitching on the status of an international university brand, the benefits of acquiring in-demand skills and prices appealing to families who cannot afford in-country international institution fees, let alone studying offshore.

Plus it is working with what it knows how to do.

As to partner Avenu, it claims US private provider Southern New Hampshire U and Monash U as partners.

VU acknowledges support from the Victorian Government’s $50m international education resilience fund.