Victoria U entry-scores in FOI dispute

Last May Alex Proudfoot asked Victoria U to provide data on de-identified education students’ scores on the national numeracy and literacy tests, plus their raw ATARs and any “special consideration” bonus.  He is now in the Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal pursuing it.

According to VCAT, after some discussion, in June the university created a spreadsheet, however the tribunal states, “in the case of the ATAR score column, there are many entries which say ‘unknown or unverified’.”

Mr Proudfoot took the matter to the tribunal, while VU sought to have his application dismissed. The university argued Mr Proudfoot was not precise enough about what documents he wanted and that it could not produce, “using the computer equipment ordinarily available to it” all the information sought.

VCAT dismissed VU’s application and the matter will proceed to a further hearing.

CMM invited VU to comment, which it did late yesterday, “the university is not in a position to comment as the application is still before VCAT.”


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