Victoria U centralises research

Victoria University continues its “strategic transformation” with the establishment of a central research department, which will supervise research and manage research training. The university’s six HE colleges and twelve research centres and institutes now manage their own research.

Present higher degree students will join VU Research but the university assures them it is “committed to maintaining their existing arrangements” but in future, “the university will provide a highly focused research training programme to higher degree students within its HDR priority research areas.”

VU adds its existing research priorities “will continue to thrive and develop.” The present flagship programmes are in sport, health and active living, sustainable industries and liveable cities. VU is also home to the high-profile Australia Health Policy Collaboration and the VET research Mitchell Institute.

According to PVC R, Warren Payne the new structure will allow “exciting multidisciplinary research” and support “a stronger intellectual climate and research community.” Allthough, he also mentioned the new centre “will make an important contribution to the university’s financial sustainability objectives.”