Vic plan to bring international students back

If a corporate glossy is what it takes there will soon be standing room only

The Victorian government’s new “International Education Recovery Plan” includes a bunch of information about what the pandemic wrought, and what a splendid state Victoria is for students, laid out around photos of smiling people. Plus there are aspirational statements of what the government wants to happen.

As to how, there are 19 specifics, some of which are about government talking to government, “continue to advocate to the Commonwealth Government on key issues.” Some are about off-shore marketing, “continue to deliver offshore Study Melbourne Hubs in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Asia (hybrid) and across Latin America (pop-up hub).” Others address image, “a refresh of Study Melbourne, the state’s longstanding study destination brand.”

And there are some that will actually help international students in the state,

* “case work support and referral services face-to-face and online, along with programmes and events for international students in Victoria”

* “free and confidential legal advice, casework and representation to international students on employment and accommodation matters”

* discounts on public transport

Perhaps the government could cut the messaging and increase the transport subsidies