VET ministers get moving on new quals and workforce

While universities wait on news of the government’s proposed accord there’s movement in voced

Skills and Training Minister Brendan O’Connor met with state and territory colleagues Friday and agreed to a VET workforce blueprint, “to support, grow and retain a quality workforce.

It will, “identify effective strategies for the attraction and retention of a high-quality workforce, along with capability and career development strategies and succession planning.”

This will be especially interesting if it finally settles whether the VET workforce need more than a Certificate IV in teaching – it’s a perennially unanswered question (CMM June 22 2021).

Other substantial commitments from the meeting include;

* “ambitious timeframes to finalise development of a new system of VET qualifications,” including micro-credentials and “better recognition” of prior learning

* release of the revised draft standards for registered training organisations with consultation starting mid-month

* new planning agency Jobs and Skills Australia undertaking a labour force and skills capacity study of the clean-energy workforce, “to support transition from ‘brown’ to ‘green’ occupations.” This will “inform” development of “clean-energy qualifications and micro-credentials.”

And just in case anybody had forgotten that “TAFE” is Labor for “VET” the ministers’ agreed that the goal is a “a VET sector with TAFE at its heart” and that the immediate skills agreement “confirms TAFE’s central role in the VET sector.”