VCs welcome Vic Gov funding

The state announces $460m worth of support for the state’s universities

There is $350m, for investments. The state will also allow $110m in payroll tax deferrals.

The state government says the investment fund is intended for “capital works, applied research and research partnerships that will boost Victoria’s productivity.”

The payroll tax deferral is so universities can, “retain as many staff as possible.”

The University of Melbourne was quick to congratulate the state’s generosity. VC Duncan Maskell said the funding will save jobs, and “will make a difference on campuses around the state.”

Professor Maskell took the opportunity to add the university is also grateful for the state government’s $45m assistance for international students, who “should not be seen in market terms. They are talented, intelligent people who learn new knowledge and skills, share great ideas and contribute to the vibrancy and success of our city and then take their new knowledge and skills to help other communities around the world.”

Deakin U was also pleased, so pleased, that it welcomed state government engagement in how the investment fund is spent. “We look forward to developing a compact with the Victorian Government to support crucial projects across our university that are in alignment with the State’s economic development priorities,” VC Iain Martin said.

Monash U was economic with its thanks, tweeting “it welcomes” the $350m fund, same for Victoria U. John Dewar (La Trobe U) said he is, “deeply grateful to the Victorian government for acknowledging the pivotal role universities play in assisting economic recovery; in educating and re-skilling the workforce and in conducting life-changing research for which we are globally recognised.”

Swinburne U VC Linda Kristjanson was also pleased that the capital fund “will create jobs and stimulate the economy,” while the payroll tax deferral will “give universities much needed cash-flow during this time of crisis.”