Vampires and blood banks

Vampires and blood banks
James Cook U
’s Richard Lane has examined 50 years of corporate collapses to find the same-old, same-old, same-old occurring. The causes are various forms of mismanagement when they aren’t fraud, due to “ineffective policing.”

Rules are in place, they are just not totally enforced at the investigative level and not always at the judicial level, where the penalties do not necessarily fit the crime.”

Dr Lane argues against suggestions following the banking royal commission for the feds to sack regulator ASIC and start again. “A more critical investigative approach by ASIC, the imposition of the existing penalties by the courts, plus additional funding by the federal government, would be preferable.”

Quite right. Vampires are always going to break into blood banks – regulators just have use the regulatory garlic and statutory stakes.


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