UWA plan for research informed teaching and learning: first step, convince staff

UWA has released a paper with VC Dawn Freshwater’s imprimatur on how to “embed the learning of research skills in all majors and courses.” The proposals are based on the university’s 2012 commitment “to foster research-informed teaching.”

The report focuses on encouraging students to embrace research focused learning; “It is possible to embed research activities into the UWA student experience, right from orientation. These experiences would encourage students to become well rounded and culturally aware graduates with relevant transferable skills for the job market.”

But it also indicates teaching staff need convincing, acknowledging a need to investigate; “why academic staff are not taking up the Graduate School of Education’s Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Training and the Centre for Education Futures’ Transforming Teaching for Learning.” The Grad Cert had 17 enrolments last year, with only seven staff completing the TTL.

“It is clear from our consultation that one way to increase the value of professional development among staff is to ensure professional development is practical, preferably close at hand, and accompanied by effective support when needed. Moreover, the existence and purpose of professional development needs to be widely promoted and articulated within the university’s education strategy,” the report concludes. Staff have until the end of February to respond.


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