UWA partners to expand in international education

UWA College will provide “a tailored and integrated learning experience” with foundation and diploma programmes that are, “the ideal preparation for UWA degrees”

UWAC will be a joint venture with student recruiter INTO, new to the Australian market.

This is a step forward by Vice Chancellor Amit Chakma who is keen to make more from international education, lamenting that. “Over two decades, UWA failed to capitalise on opportunities to augment our research and infrastructure budgets with international student fees at a level commensurate with other Australian universities of our size,” (CMM September 28 2020.)

The VC was certainly keen on growing international student enrolments in the past. According to Western Ontario U, which he led prior to UWA, Professor Chakma increased international enrolments there five-fold, (CMM December 11 2019).

The partners state they will enrol students in June 2022, which seems confident given the state of the world and the WA Government’s COVID-19 caution.


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