UTS teaching awards in appointments, achievements

Category winners in the inaugural ANZ Women in AI include, Wen Chen-CSIRO (finance), Beena Ahmed-UNSW (education), Fang Chen-UTS (infrastructure), Yolande Strengers-Monash U (innovation), Lina Yao-UNSW (cyber security).

Kelvin Kong is awarded the Australian Society for Medical Research Medal

Associate Professor Kong is honoured for his research on the diagnosis and treatment of otitis media, commonly known as “glue ear”, in children under three. The disease effects disproportionately large numbers of Indigenous children. Dr Kong is a Newcastle based surgeon and a conjoint aspro at Uni Newcastle. The university states he is one of Australia’s three Indigenous surgeons.

QUT’s new faculty leaderships are nearly) complete

Amanda Gudmunsson is Executive Dean, Business and Law (she has been acting as ED Business). Dan Hunter is Deputy ED of the faculty and Dean of Law. Sharon Bentley moves from head of the School of Optometry to Deputy Dean of Health.

The university is recruiting for an ED Science.

CMM is sure Professor Hunter is used to being called Dean Dan.

UTS teaching awards were announced yesterday

Individual Teaching: Katherina Petrou (Science)

Indigenous professional capabilities into curriculum: Tamara PowerGabriel Clark, Danièle Hromek (Arts and Social Sciences)

UTS Model of Learning: Susanne Pratt, Giedre KligyteClaire Marshall (Transdisciplinary Innovation)

 Social Impact in Learning and Teaching: Ian Higgins (Business)

Casual-Sessional Staff: Alexandra Thomson (Science)

Early Career Teaching: Andrea Giovannetti (Business)

Early Career Teaching Highly Commended: George Harb (Arts and Social Sciences)

Academic Support: Samantha BerryHelena Asher-ChiangClaudia Cowell, Stephanie Gonzales, Candy JenkinsSteph Miller and Ruth Wilcock (Careers Team)

And last, but not least in number;

Team Teaching: Mary Coupland (Science), Marco Angelini (Engineering-IT), Hadiya Valiyaveettil Mohammed Ashraf (Science), Pranati Balijepalli (Science), Nahid Banihashemi (Science), Coral Connor (Interactive Media and Learning), Karyn Fitzgerald (Science) Rory Green (PG Learning Design), Neela Griffiths (Interactive Media and Learning), Venkata Valli Visali Kadiyala (Science) Paul Kennedy (Engineering-IT), Simon Knight (Transdisciplinary Innovation), Cat Kutay (Engineering-IT), Maria Lobytsyna (Science), Jenna Price, (Arts and Social Social Sciences), Usha Sridhar (Science), Stephen Woodcock (Science).