Up in Leiden lights: Australian research ranking success

Angel Calderon (RMIT) analyses the rankings metrics mavens love for hard data, and lots of it

In Features this morning he reports 31 Australian universities make the cut, five up on last year in the new ranking from the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at Leiden University, in the Netherlands.

“While Australia’s Group of Eight universities perform well across the various metrics of this ranking, every Australian university can make valid claims of resounding success. This is because Leiden ranks on a set of 24 bibliometric indicators of scientific impact and collaboration. For a second consecutive year, Leiden has also produced a set of rankings on open access and gender diversity,” he writes

The new-comers and data on all the local heroes is here.

And scroll down for William Locke (Uni Melbourne’s Centre for the Study of Higher Education) on how research-strong rankings are realised.