UoQ cracks two million MOOC learners

The University of Queensland is eating more of its own lunch, extending its range of micromasters. This year the university will offer a sustainable energy course “to equip learners to overcome the challenges of transitioning to a low-carbon energy system” and a new business course in corporate innovation. They join two MMs launched last year, in business leadership and global development. UoQ’s MM’s can count for credit for on-campus degrees and are a great way of introducing students to a full UoQ course. But CMM wonders (September 4 2017) whether there is a risk of people taking the courses and adding on subjects from other institutions to create their own customised collection of skills at a much lower cost  than a conventional degree.

It’s obviously a risk the university thinks is worth taking – a part of its successful commitment to MOOCs. UoQ’s 47 MOOCs, via edX, have enrolled over two million students – quadrupling enrolments in around two years.


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