UNSW’s inaugural provost announces exit

Professor Simmons returned from leave last month, to advise the university community that she had decided she could, “not continue to work in the same way and at the same level unto the future”

She went on leave last week and will return for a hand-over when acting arrangements are made.

To which VC Attila Brungs responded that since becoming provost in 2019, Anne Simmons, had “given everything to the role, acting as a tireless advocate for UNSW and continuing to improve our broad academic endeavours which are at the heart of our existence.”

He added he would “work-through” and advise on an interim arrangement for an acting provost.

Professor Simmons announcement is unsettling for the UNSW community, given her near 25 years of service, during which she led two engineering schools, before becoming PVC Academic Excellence in 2018 and the university’s inaugural provost in 2019.