UNSW staff get their files back

IT staff at UNSW spent the weekend restoring staff data which disappeared during last week’s meltdown, when staff and students could not source their home drives on the university system. (CMM Friday).

Student access was restored Tuesday, which was good given exams approach. However, DVC A Merlin Crossley still suggests staff, “show compassion in what could be a very stressful situation for some students and, wherever appropriate, make reasonable adjustments to assessments and exams.”

As for stressed staff (there were fears last week that files were gone for good) as of late Friday word was “almost all data will be able to be recovered.” Staff are being emailed as their files are retrieved. People who backed their files up to their own university Windows Seven PC, or laptop, were ok.

As to what happens next, management assures everybody; “the new system that home drives have been restored to is a highly resilient and secure system that retains multiple copies of data across multiple data centres.” Good-o but this does not explain what was so wrong with the old one.


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