UNSW puts a pay rise on the table

Management proposes 16 per cent in four instalments, from signing through to July 2026

“We believe this to be a competitive offer, reflecting the value we place on all our staff while also addressing the ongoing cost of living pressures,” HR chief Deena Amorelli told staff Friday.

Close to the competition, if that happens to be neighbouring Uni Sydney, which is offer 16.1 per cent (flat) over the same period, plus $2000 on signing. Of course it has taken Uni Syd a while to get there – the original offer was not denominated in https://www.nma.gov.au/explore/collection/highlights/holey-dollar Holey Dollars, it just seems like that long ago

Ms Amorelli also cites agreement “on three key-issues” – “enhanced” provisions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, including intellectual freedom provisions in the professional staff agreement and “strengthened redundancy provisions.”

And she adds bargaining meetings with the unions are increased to a full day a week, “with the collective aim of reaching a resolution as soon as possible.”

Good-o but there is a negative on the positive – Ms Amorelli is disappointed that the National Tertiary Education Union has a 24-hour “work stoppage’ scheduled for Wednesday week.

Still time for the comrades to cancel with honour intact if management makes a concession still in reserve.