UNSW hardens-up on open access

The university’s new policy requires researchers to deposit pubs or author accepted ms in the UNSW repository, “immediately at the time of first publication” 

It’s a change from the previous which required peer-reviewed articles and papers to be OA within 12 months of publication.

And there is no out for publishers who want an embargo, researchers must state the university policy on submitting. “UNSW researchers must retain all necessary rights to enable them to publish and share their publications in any format at any time and may not grant an exclusive copyright license in the research output to any other person or organisation,” states the new policy.

Smart and targeted move. The Council of Australian University Librarians has done five deals with publishers to build OA into member institutions subscriptions costs (CMM November 23), which means UNSW is putting pressure on others, including for-profit journal giant, Elsevier.