UNSW appoints its own foreign correspondent

UNSW has appointed its second reptile of the press in residence. Matthew Hutson a free- lance science writer from New York is the Faculty of Engineering’s second Ingenuity Fellow. Mr Hutson says he hopes “to be inspired to write stories on UNSW projects,” an aspiration Dean of Engineering Mark Hoffman may share.

Mr Hutson succeeds BBC global science correspondent Rebecca Morelle who spent three weeks at the university earlier this year, (https://campusmorningmail.com.au/uoq-vc-says-more-international-students-needed-to-pay-for-cuts/ CMM May 15).

In terms of coverage by Ms Morelle, faculty media advisor Wilson da Silva tells CMM “it’s not so much the stories Rebecca herself did after her return from the fellowship (she went on maternity leave a few months after completing it), but the stories for which she advocated for internally for BBC science coverage.”

He points to yarns on the BBC on UNSW work on quantum computing engineers, space minig, its Sunswift solar car and opposition to autonomous weapons.

“The point of the fellowship is to familiarise a leading science journalist with the quality of research at UNSW, creating an awareness of the research excellence at UNSW in a way that will flow into their work.”


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