UNSW and Uni Newcastle to blaze clean energy trails

The government announces the third of its big new applied research commitments

The two universities have $50m in federal funding for the Australian Trailblazer Recycling and Clean Energy trailblazer. There’s another $150m from participants and industry partners for work, which Uni Newcastle states will create 52 patents, move “54 technologies up the value chain” and bring 57 new products to market.

It’s the third trailblazer announced, preceded by Curtin U (resource technology) and Uni Adelaide (defence science) (CMM April 21). Another is expected to be announced during the campaign.

The trailblazers are central to the Morrison Government’s as yet unlegislated Research Commercialisation Action Plan, which will “focus the considerable research power of our universities” on the government’s national manufacturing priorities.”

Yesterday’s announcement is a big win for UNSW, which also partners Uni Adelaide in the defence science programme (scroll down for another UNSW success).