Universities keen on casuals

Part-time and casual employees are the fastest growing segments of the higher education workforce, according to new federal figures for “actual casual staff 2016”. While full-time staff numbers were up one per cent in 2016 on 2015 (to 88 453) fractional full time numbers grew by 4.3 per cent (to 16 000) and casuals were up 3.9 per cent to 22 000.

The national average for casual staff as a per centage of total employment is 17. 5 per cent.

Universities where casual staff account for 20 per cent or more included:

Macquarie University (24 per cent) Southern Cross University (23.3 per cent), UTS (20.3 per cent), Western Sydney University (21.1 per cent), Swinburne U (32 .6 per cent), Victoria U (22.9 per cent), Bond U (27.8 per cent) and ACU (22.7 per cent).


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