Universities Australia’s seven solutions for the teacher shortage

UA warns the 16 000 new teachers graduating each year is 4000 short of what is needed and the gap will grow as retirements increase in the second half of the decade

In the lead-up to the Jobs and Skills Summit, the peak body proposes seven solutions, “including the sensible, practical things that universities can do to play their part.”

* longer classroom placements for teaching students: “pre-service teachers will be more productive sooner and will contribute to addressing workforce shortages”

* degree apprenticeships: “students do more of their training in schools (and) … get a job at the end of it.”

* FEE HELP for short courses and micro-credentials:  professional development for existing teachers and for mid -career moves into teaching

* incentives for postgrads: Classroom internships/para-professional employment to reduce the costs of a teaching qualification and provide PGs with more classroom experience

* national recruitment portal: “to link new graduates to vacancies in schools across the country”

* changes to employment models: specifically to state registration and standards, “to lessen graduate teacher reliance on short-term work to help retain them in the profession.”

* partnerships:the education MINCO creates stronger connections between universities, schools and government