Unis give TEQSA a tick

The Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency has released results of its second user survey with an overall 80 per cent good or excellent rating. Universities are happiest but not everybody is pleased; “smaller, for profit providers were less positive about TEQSA’s performance,” and overall approval is down, a bit, on the 2016 result, the agency advises. Case management is a biggish problem, with 23 per cent of respondents saying their experience had got worse over the year. The main reason for this appears to be changes in institutions’ case managers.

“Importantly, overall TEQSA has continued to be well-regarded as a regulator assessing the quality of Australia’s higher education,” the agency advises.

The agency has also released a guidance paper for institutions on how to meet the new undergraduate admissions requirements and will hold capital city forums this month on what must be done.


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