Unis Aus big-picture plan for skills

Universities Australia will speak for the sector at the Jobs and Skills Summit. It is keen to be seen delivering

UA has released a policy agenda which present member interests in politically practical ways.

Proposals include:

* FEE HELP for short courses and micro-credentials “in critical areas of skill shortage”

minimum standards for micro-credentials (as per its proposal last year, CMM September 29 2021)

* unspecified extension of post study work rights for international students and “easier” permanent residency requirements for graduates “in an areas of identified skills shortages”

* creating practical experience opportunities for students in skill-short industries, health: (address backlog in prac placements), tech: (accelerator programmes for final year student)s, teaching: (degree apprenticeships)

The policy statement builds on UA’s previous successful Summit scene setter, a paper which set out seven solutions to the teacher shortage (CMM August 8).

UA appears to be taking pragmatism pills. Rather than focusing on funding-specifics or policy problems (not a word about the previous government’s Job Ready Graduates model) it is demonstrating to government that it is keen to help paint the big policy-picture.