Union’s McGowan slams Murdoch U over court case

Union chief Matthew McGowan has slammed Murdoch University over its failed application to restrain his National Tertiary Education Union from publishing criticism of the uni.  As CMM reported yesterday, WA Chief Justice Peter Quinlan, declined to grant an injunction, citing the university’s “relatively weak case” and “the adverse effect that an injunction would have on freedom of expression.”

The act of parliament that established Murdoch University, requires that it serve the public interest in ‘promoting critical and free enquiry, informed intellectual discussion and public debate within the university and society’.  To attempt to stop publication of an article that reported the concerns of their employees runs counter to the functions of the university,” Mr McGowan, national secretary of the National Tertiary Education Union said.

The university’s case against NTEU official Gabe Gooding and the union is still expected to go to trial


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