Union to Charles Sturt U staff: “knock-back cash”

Management wants to delay enterprise bargaining by a year – nothing doing responds the NTEU

VC Renée Leon wants 12 more months under the existing industrial agreement to sort out a new strategy. She promises a pay rise (which CMM suspects probably would be paid if there was a new deal) and $1000 for staff members if a majority of those of them voting for an extension (they have to sign-off) approve the arrangement (CMM yesterday).

But the university branch of the National Tertiary Education Union says better to begin bargaining without delay.

“We’re very worried about the risk of job cuts and higher workloads in 2022, particularly if bargaining is delayed. Management have not guaranteed there will be no more change proposals or job cuts. The sooner we bargain, the sooner we will have stronger protections from retrenchment and overwork” NTEU local president Helen Masterman-Smith tells staff.

As for the $1000, “a one-off payment won’t address any work problems you are enduring; bargaining now is your best chance to get life-changing improvements.”

CSU people have a week to think it through, the vote on extending the agreement is next Thursday-Friday

Even if a majority of the turn-out votes no, continuing, fixed term and qualifying casual staff will not be entirely quidless. The university has already announced a separate and unconditional $1000 bonus for a year of hard work in tough times.