Union protest at ACU

With two Ramsay courses already being taught there is less reason for a brawl

National Tertiary Education Union president at ACU, Leah Kaufmann calls for a guarantee, “that all university governance processes will be entirely safeguarded against any external influence,” and a commitment that no ACU employee “will have an increase in their workload as a result of any potential units or courses introduced.”

And national president Alison Barnes adds, “ACU receives public funds and therefore has a responsibility to make the details of the Ramsay agreement public. Secretive discussions may avoid controversy; however, this approach is not compatible with the goals of academic freedom that define a modern university.”

The NTEU also called on the university to release the text of the memorandum of understanding with Ramsay.

Which ACU duly did this afternoon, here.

With two universities already teaching Ramsay courses without uproar there is less reason for the union to fight this to the last ditch.