Union members back deal on job-saving at WSU

Union members at Western Sydney U have agreed to a proposed agreement trading temporary concessions conditions in return for job protection (CMM May 25).

Its intent is similar to the national framework the National Tertiary Education Union pulled Wednesday after 20 or so VCs rejected it.

Word is the WSU version was carried by a thumping majority at an NTEU member meeting, which will help when the proposal goes to an all-staff ballot.

The big cost-saving idea is said to be staff purchasing five days leave from the university, which they will be able to use over the next five years. The purchase would be deducted from fortnightly pay over the rest of this year. Staff earning around $60 000 a year would be exempt.

In return, the university would commit to no staff stand-downs or redundancies and to maintain the original 2020 budget for paying casual staff.